Medical Coding Services

Wanna Get Paid Faster?

Send Error-Free, Clean And Clear Insurance Claims With Human Medical Billing

With Human Medical Billing’s effective medical billing and coding services, you get paid much faster for all your raised claims. We assist you in sending clear and clean insurance claims the very first time. This ensures the maximum reimbursement in the minimum time possible.

Effective Coding Is A ‘Mission Possible’ With Human Medical Billing

Make sure that your medical coding and reimbursement strategies act in accordance with that of the payer’s reimbursement rules and acquiescence. By sending clean and clear claims on-time through Human Medical Billing, you not only save time but get paid faster as well.

Clean Claims On-The-Dot

Medical coding is scrutinized by insurance companies. “Claims scrubbing” or “code scrubbing” provided by our coding consultant filters out the inaccuracies in the claims and corrects the codes prior to submission. This time-saving technique avoids costly insurance claim rejections and denials because reviewing rejected claims and re-submitting them is also curtailed to a greater extent.

Concurrent Code Checks

We perform instantaneous code checks to confirm each and every claim against stringent government medical coding standards and other payer-specific reimbursement rules and regulations. Our instantaneous code checks include CCI edit validation, ICD-10 coding, CPT coding, CPT / HCPCS code and modifier evaluation, CPT / HCPCS code sequencing, Local Coverage Decision (LCD), and National Coverage Decision (NCD).

Get To know The “Medical Coding” Game

Data is becoming a business’ most sought after tool. Our medical coding service expert’s all-inclusive knowledge base in coding, compliance, and other government and private insurance reimbursement rules gives Human Medical Billing an edge up on our competition. We can help you understand the data and how to employ it to benefit your reimbursement levels. We know the real game and its rules. That is why we are one of the most sought after service providers in the market.

Claims Paid In Few Days To A Week?

Each medical billing and collection specialist is not overloaded with accounts. When a new project is taken on, we ascertain the personnel needed to complete or maintain the project and hire accordingly. This is what ensures and maintains our high percentage of recovery and keeps us the leader in the industry for revenue recovery. To know more about our “winning mantra” in terms of medical billing and coding services and technology call us today. 1-800-928-1932.