5 Steps Independent Clinics Can Implement to Better the Patient Experience

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When the relationship between healthcare providers and their patients is strong, it leads to more patient compliance, earlier detection of disease, reduction in costs, and better clinical outcomes. For this kind of relationship to exist, one of the contributing factors is what patients experience at a clinic. A positive end-to-end experience is necessary if you want to develop a relationship with patients that last over the long term. Taking the following five steps will ensure patients have a better experience. 

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  1. Create a patient-friendly website

Making a good impression starts with creating a patient-friendly website. Your website allows patients to learn more about your clinic before even making an appointment. On your website, they should be able to find your mission, physician qualifications, the range of services you offer, your location, and office hours. Patients should also be able to find information about payment processes, managing medical billing issues, and other useful medical information. 

  1. Have a well-managed appointment scheduling system

Understand demand and prepare for it by making sure you have enough available appointments. Analyzing data can provide insights about the demand to help with the management of appointments. Today patients like to be able to book appointments online. Many patients, especially millennials, often prefer to work with an independent clinic that offers the chance to book, change or cancel appointments online. 

  1. Make your practice welcoming

From the time a patient arrives for an appointment at the office, he or she should feel welcome. Comfortable furniture, warm lighting, and soothing music can help to make the waiting room a relaxing space. When patients arrive at the office, staff should check them in promptly and inform them how long they are likely to have to wait. 

  1. Send appointment confirmations and reminders 

Patients usually have very busy lives and it helps if you stay in communication with them and send them automated confirmations of appointments and reminders. This reassures them that you value their time and it can also help to prevent them from not showing up for an appointment. Once patients have booked, you can send them a confirmation email or an SMS, and three days or so before the appointment, you can send them a reminder. 

  1. Follow up after a visit 

Implementing patient post-encounter interviews and conducting patient satisfaction surveys can help you to find out if patients have any issues. Billing is often an area that causes problems, which is why many independent clinics use medical billing companies in California. Responding to medical billing issues and any other problems shows patients that you care. Thoughtful responses to feedback foster trust with patients. 

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