Getting Started is Simple and Worry-free

medical billing clearninghouse

To facilitate a streamlined transition process, Human Medical Billing and the physician/client work together to understand each other’s needs and understand each other’s requirements.

  • Set-up account with Human Medical Billing preferred clearinghouse

    We gather the necessary account set-up information, including physician’s names, Tax ID’s, PIN #’s, passwords and usernames and input them into a secure network using advanced encryption technology.

  • Arrange for conversion of existing billing data to Human Medical Billing software

    If you are currently using billing software that is different from HUMAN MEDICAL BILLING software, we arrange to have your data converted to our software. We always advise inputting the new data from scratch so we don’t incur any data loss.

  • Training in new software for medical office staff and physician

    A series of videos will make you more familiar with the new software. There are videos available for all members of your practice with specific instructions on the interactions you will have with the software.

  • Set-up Physician’s office computers for remote access and file- transfer system

    HUMAN MEDICAL BILLING provides the physician with full access to all your billing information and the data can be accessed from any computer anytime.

  • Determine requirements for financial reports

    HUMAN MEDICAL BILLING offers a variety of financial reports based on your needs. We will give you the selection of available financial reports and help you determine which reports you are interested in receiving.

  • Coordinate roles and responsibilities

    We will sit down with the client’s office staff and coordinate the roles and responsibilities on both sides. We handle the entire process for you, leaving you free to concentrate on your practice.
    Once a system and protocol is configured and set in motion the client does not need to worry about Revenue Cycle Management.