How To Get Paid With Our Doctors Billing Service

doctors billing service

Perhaps when you became a doctor, you never imagined that you would spend a lot of your working life pursuing your patients for medical bills? Often, wrangling all of the bills that go out of your office can be difficult, and if you are not particularly management-minded, it can be easy to get lost in a growing mound of paperwork. Yet your practice can’t thrive without receiving payment for its services, and you deserve to get paid for the services you provide. Now might be the time to consider hiring a doctors billing service to assist you in getting the statements you send to patients paid.

What Happens With The Billing Service?

Once you have signed up for Human Medical, we examine every claim that you have, checking the demographics of your patients, insurance information, coding; scrubbing the claims for errors so that you get paid by insurance. We basically polish your paperwork so that it can be dealt with by insurance companies easily. They are the people who decide whether you get paid or not, so we have to make sure that all of the details we submit are accurate and this will make it more likely that you will get the compensation that you deserve. Our whole purpose is to make sure that your claims are sent correctly, and that there will be no errors which might lead to the refusal of your charges.

doctors billing service

Review Insurance Payouts

Human Medical can also reduce the headache for doctors of dealing with insurance companies. They might delay payments, or refuse part of the bill so that you are only compensated for part of your work. We will compare the fees that you receive from your insurers with the payment schedule of your practice, checking for errors and intentionally missed payments. Additional appeals may be in order before claims are paid. Having a billing service with the man power to issue hundreds of calls to insurers on your behalf is a powerful tool used to promote settling the claim and the payment successfully being received by your office. Only then can the patient’s portion be ascertained. 

Keeping You In Mind

We know that having to bill your patients to get paid can be stressful.  Our standard protocols have been devised over years of experience in what helps getting doctors paid faster.  We work with our practices to show them all of the convenient technology we have at our disposal that makes getting paid convenient for your patients and convenient for your practice. Once the claim falls past due, we can call in a special team to reach out to patients, create payment plans, to receive payments and to come to a full resolution of their debt.  Our protocols can also be further customized to fit the needs of your practice’s patients. It takes coordination and communication, but our doctors billing service is successful in delivering payments to our practices in a way that helps everyone to feel well served

Once you have placed your practice in the hands of Human Medical, our effective doctors billing service will swing into action, making sure that you get the very best reimbursement for your company. To find out more about our services, reach out to us today using our online contact page or call (877) 699-1070 now.