Why Outsource

10 Reasons to Outsource Medical Billing in California

We get paid once you get paid. Human Medical is 100% performance driven. When you decide to outsource medical billing with us, your costs will be directly proportional to your actual income.

  • Reason 1 – Less to Manage

No dedicated staffing or administrative expenses compared to in-house billing.

    • Reason 2 – Transparency

    No start up costs, no hidden or ongoing expenses, and no costly investments in hardware and software.

    • Reason 3 – Improved Performance

    Our comprehensive service is focused on maximizing your collection getting you paid more and paid faster. Our clients typically see a 25-30% in net collections within six months.

    • Reason 4 – Reducing Denial Rates

    Our advanced claim reviewer detects billing errors prior to entry, dramatically reducing denial rates. We follow-up and appeal denied and miss-adjudicated claims and assume responsibility for communication with patients and third party carriers.

    • Reason 5 – Tailored to your needs

    Human Medical Billing understands that all medical practices are not the same. We provide physicians with a solution tailor-made to the individual needs of your practice.

    • Reason 6 – Personalized Assistance

    Our staff is 100% committed to serving you. All of our clients are assigned their own designated Account Executive, giving the security and comfort of working with a representative who is uniquely familiar with your practice. From guiding your through the implementation process to frequent performance updates, our staff is there with you every step of the way.

    • Reason 7 – Access to Reporting

    Understanding your practice’s financial performance can be challenging. To meet this challenge, Human Medical Billing provides you with advanced financial and practice analysis tools, specifically designed to give you enhanced visibility into your operations at the click of a button.

    • Reason 8 – Scalability

    Human Medical Billing offers reports that grow with your practice. From any internet-enabled computer or mobile device you can have access to several hundred reports currently available, as well as customizable reports that replace the static reports generated by typical billing software.

    • Reason 9 – Control

    Reporting capabilities are focused on increasing your bottom line and giving revenue control back to your practice.

    • Reason 10 – Intangibles

    The Human Medical Billing service California not only makes good business sense, it provides you with peace of mind and a substantial reduction in the day-to-day aggravations relating to systems, billing, insurance, and employee-related concerns and obligations. Our Medical billing service increases financial performance because you realize revenue faster. Our cloud software gives you access to all of your medical and financial data anywhere, anytime.