Frequently Asked Questions

Billing and Coding Services

1. What is Human Medical Billing’s Mission?

To deliver enhanced profitability and more time for the client to the practice and deliver the highest level of patient care by offering comprehensive medical billing solutions.

2. How long has Human Medical Billing been in business?

Human Medical Billing has provided practice management and billing services to physicians and healthcare facilities since 2001.

3. What tools does Human Medical Billing use to help practices maximize the bottom line?

Our Technology plus service approach to practice management maximizes the reimbursement process, streamlines practice operations, improves day to day collections and cash flow.

4. How can I analyze the effect of HMB’s services on my practice?

From any internet-enabled computer or mobile device you can analyze our operations. Our robust reporting tools show you not how we increase your revenue.

5. Am I going to get lost in the crowd?

Each client is assigned a designated Account Manager, giving the security and comfort of working with a representative who is uniquely familiar with your practice.

6. How customizable is this service?

No two practices are the same. Solutions are tailor-made for your practice. We work with you and your staff to design a program that fits the needs of your practice.

7. Can you explain about your workflow?

We follow a unique medical billing process that is streamlined, efficient, and successful.

8. What is it you can do for me that my in house billing team can’t ?

We put in extra hours without demanding a raise. With us you don’t have the overheads of Employee Salary, Pension Plan, Health Insurance, Extra Office Space, Extra equipment like computers, printers etc. We also save you from Employee management issues. We charge a set percentage of the total collections, this ensures that we don’t get paid a single cent until you get paid.

9. What kind of EMR’s do you support ?

We support a wide range of EMR’s, we have experience in most major EMR systems.

10. What are your prices ?

We charge five to seven percent of your total collections. Our pricing is completely transparent and it depends on how big or small your practice is. We get paid on the total amount collected which means we don’t get paid a single cent until you get paid and makes us more accountable.

11. How do you work with my EMR ?

If you have an existing EMR system, you provide us login access to your EMR account. After receiving the access, we perform our complete billing process in a very secure HIPAA compliant environment.

12. How secure is my data ?

HUMAN Medical Billing is completely HIPAA compliant and adheres to all the international security guidelines for medical data interchange. Any external storage devices are banned inside the premises. We have a data security team to guarantee you of complete informational security of your data. We also sign HIPAA and non-disclosure agreements with all our clients

13. Brief me about your AR calling services.

We provide you the most cost and time efficient AR calling services. For more info Click here.

14. How do I send across my data to you?

We configure a secure FTP account to send the data or use a data collection method which is mutually convenient.

15. Are you HIPAA compliant ?

Yes, we are. We follow HIPAA 2010 guidelines and adhere to the revised HIPAA regulations for the electronic transmittance of claims.

16. Do I have to sign a contract?

Human Medical Billing does sign a basic contract with the clients, but its not time bound. You are free to stop our services at any moment in time. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our services and will want to continue using our services.

17. Do I need any special software or system for you to do our billing?

NO. Whether you already have Software or if you are not computerized at all, we can handle your billing. NO COMPUTER IS NEEDED.

18. Who receives the payments?

Your office will receive the payments directly from the Payer. At times, electronically submitted claims payments are received by providers within as little as 7 business days of submission. For Medicare claims, providers generally receive payments 14 business days after submission. As a general rule, electronic claims are paid in 7-17 business days.

19. Does Human Medical offer consulting services?

Yes we do offer Practice Management services for a separate fee, we offer consulting services tailored specially for your practice. We also offer personalized data analytics of your practice economics as part of our Medical Billing services.

20. Does Human Medical help with Appointment Scheduling ?

We do offer Patient Appointment Scheduling for a separate fee. We also do appointment confirmations and appointment reminders for an extra charge.

21. Can I access your software and my data remotely?

Yes our software is hosted in the cloud and is accessible remotely , all you need is a compatible browser and an internet connection.

22. Can Patients pay their bills using Credit Card?

Yes we do accept Credit Card payments from Patients.

23. Does Human Medical assist with Meaningful Use and Other government incentive programs?

Yes we do offer guidance and assistance in implementing Meaningful use, MIPS and MACRA programs.

24. Why should I outsource my medical billing to Human Medical?

Outsourcing your medical billing to us will provide you with several benefits, including increased efficiency, improved collections, reduced costs, and improved compliance with regular requirements. As you outsource your billing to us, you can free up your staff to focus on providing your patient with excellent care.

25. How do you guarantee the security of our patient data?

We take the security of your patients’ data very seriously. We have implemented measures to make sure they are protected at all costs. It includes compliance with HIPAA regulations, regular backups, restricted access to sensitive information, and other pertinent factors.

26. What types of healthcare providers do Human Medical work with?

We work with a wide range of healthcare providers. These would include physicians, medical groups, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities.

27. If you receive denied claims, how do you handle them?

We have a team of experts who are experienced in handling denied claims. We can quickly identify and correct issues that may have led to the rejection, and resubmit the claim promptly to ensure timely reimbursement.

28. How do you stay updated with changes in healthcare regulations?

We regularly train our staff members to ensure that they comply with healthcare regulations, including changes to billing and coding requirements. Additionally, our employees participate in continuing education and training to ensure that our team of experts has the latest knowledge and skills.

29. What types of reports and analytics do you provide?

We provide a variety of reports and analytics to help you better understand the financial performance of your practice or facility. This can include reports on claims processing, collections, and reimbursement rates. We also provide custom reports tailored to your needs.

30. What is the pricing structure of your services?

Our pricing structure is based on the percentage of the collections we have recovered for your practice or facility. We stand by our services and we ensure that our clients enjoy our competitive rates and transparent pricing. Our clients are guaranteed that they do not have to deal with hidden fees or upfront costs. You may obtain a free quote from us by calling our customer support team.

31. How does the medical billing outsourcing process begin?

The process is simple. We will start with an initial consultation to understand your needs and goals and provide a proposal outlining our services and pricing. If you choose to move forward, we will work with you to set up your account and start the onboarding process.

32. Why do I need to follow up on outstanding medical claims?

Uncollected claims can be transformed into cash. And it is the responsibility of our team to resolve the accounts.

33. Can you help me improve my collections?

We can definitely help you achieve better collections. Our medical billing processing services will lower your fixed costs. In addition to reducing denials, we can also file claims and follow them up with the insurer until you can recover from your dues.

34. How can you increase my revenues?

Human Medical has a team of medical billing experts who can process your medical billing. Our team follows a well-structured receivables management process to help you achieve maximum claims approvals.

35. Can outsourcing my medical billing really improve the productivity of my staff?

Yes, it can improve the productivity of your staff in various ways. For one, it frees up in-house staff members to focus on other vital tasks, including patient care and admin duties. Then, you can access specialized expertise and advanced technology that can streamline the coding process and reduce errors. Most of all, it ensures compliance with complex regulatory requirements that can minimize the risk of costly fines and legal issues.

36. How many of your employees will be assigned to my account?

We cannot give you a fixed answer because we always provide our clients with a customized plan. The number of employees who will be assigned to your account will hinge on your requirements.

37. How often do you update me on my medical billing?

We strive to ensure that you get time to concentrate on the most important thing about your job, i.e. your patient. But we ensure that you are aware of your collections. We provide reports daily, weekly, and monthly so we can discuss with you how your clinic is performing.

38. What is the success rate you received in the specialties you cater?

We have more than a 95% success rate in all the specials we cater. Our goal is to keep it at 99% like we always do for many of our clients.

39. Would you communicate with the patients for claims?

We follow up on patients for claims upon requests from doctors or when required.

40. How do you prevent billing errors?

We train our staff on proper billing procedures, coding guidelines, and regulatory requirements. We also use electronic health records (EHRS) and billing software to ensure accurate documentation and coding. Most of all, we stay up-to-date on Human changes in billing codes and regulations.

41. What is revenue cycle management and how does it relate to outsourcing medical billing?

Revenue cycle management (RCM) is the process of managing a healthcare organization’s financial operations. Outsourcing your medical billing to Human Medical is an effective way to improve revenue cycle management by reducing costs, improving accuracy, and freeing up staff time to focus on providing high-quality patient care.

42. How does outsourcing my medical billing solve claim denials?

Outsourcing your medical billing to Human Medical can help in reducing claim denials by improving the accuracy and efficiency of your billing process. Claim denials happen for various reasons, including errors in coding, issues with insurance eligibility, and incomplete or missing information, among others. These denials are costly. Our team of medical billing experts can reduce claim denials and reduce your admin burdens.

43. How will outsourcing medical billing affect the cost of running a clinic?

The impact can vary depending on various factors. However, if you outsource it to us, you can enjoy great savings. You can avoid hiring and training your own billing and coding staff, thereby, resulting in significant savings on salaries, benefits, and other staffing-related costs. Plus, you can focus on your patient’s care.