What Happens When You Outsource Medical Billing

Medical Billing Service Los Angeles

Have you considered outsourcing your practice’s medical billing but aren’t sure if it’s right for you? Have you seen how other practices decided to outsource medical billing and want to know what would happen for yours? The billing process is necessary for your practice, yes, but it can be tedious. We understand how important it is that your patient relationships are protected while your billing is completed. Through our work, we’re able to make many positive changes for our clients. 

Your Payments Come Faster

When it comes to your raised claims, our effective medical billing and coding makes sure that you get paid faster than before. The very first time, we assist you in sending clear and clean insurance claims. You’ll note we didn’t say “one of the first times” or “in the first few tries.” No. The very first time we support you in sending insurance claims that are as clear and clean as can be. 

That way, in the shortest period of time possible you can receive the maximum reimbursement. 

You Don’t Need an In-House Team Anymore 

An in-house billing team is exactly that: a team of people working in your office. As such, you’ll have to pay their salary, their insurance, and so forth. Of course, you won’t just be paying for them: you’ll have to pay for their equipment, their computers, their printers, their software, as well as the space in your office that they’ll take up, and so forth. 

When you outsource to us, you don’t have to do any of that. Instead, you just pay us. Even then, we don’t get paid anything until after you get paid. We see it as one more way that we can better support the medical practices that we work with. 

Your Data is Secure Yet You Can Access It When You Want 

When it comes to your patient relationships, you can’t leave anything to chance. They have to be protected, bottom line. We understand what an important responsibility that is. Through every step of the process, we have implemented security measures to ensure that your patients’ data is protected above all else. 

We do so through a variety of proven, effective methods. For example, there are regular backups, restricted access to sensitive information, and many other pertinent factors. All of what we do, of course, is in strict compliance with HIPAA regulations. 

That having been said, we also make it easy for you to quickly and simply access your data, and your reports, when you want. 

Many Reasons to Outsource Medical Billing With Us 

The above constitute just some of the ways that our medical billing service Los Angeles and coding are able to support. As all of our services are specifically tailored to who we’re working with, we can provide you with all of the services that you need at the time when you need them. 

To see how we can improve your medical billing and coding, message us through our site or call.