Starting a Medical Practice – The Key Steps

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To start a medical billing companies, you’ve got to have appropriate funding, plan well, decide on a business model, get the right software and also pick a good location for your clinic. Medical-billing-companies Many people starting a medical practice have to decide between doing their own medical billing or outsourcing. Handling coding and collection in-house…

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Is Telehealth Going to Remain Popular After the Pandemic Is Over?

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In 2016, AMA conducted a study on the percentage of telehealth visits practitioners were receiving. The study reported that 14 percent of visits were done remotely. The same survey was done in 2019 and found the number of remote visits had increased to 28 percent.  From about mid-2020, remote visits increase to between 60 and…

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The Importance of Empathy While Providing Medical Treatment

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The sense of having only a limited amount of time to ‘waste’ on patients as well as impatience, irritation, and lack of communication are mannerisms of a doctor that convey a negative message to patients. They feel anxious in the first place and the stiff-upper-lip approach from an uncaring medical professional can raise their blood…

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Why Doctors Should Adopt the Latest Trends in Healthcare Industry

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The whole world is facing rapid technological upheaval, thanks to Covid-19, where everything more or less has had to go online. It’s hard to think of the medical world in terms of Artificial Intelligence and digital medicine, and yet these will improve efficiency in the healthcare industry. Doctors have to adopt all the latest technological…

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The Advantages of Hiring the Best Billing and Coding Services

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The healthcare industry has exploded like few others over the last several years. With the population living longer, advances in technology, changes to healthcare laws, and other factors, there are now more medical practices, laboratories, clinics, and other facilities so that the public can get the care it needs. If you are a medical provider…

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