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The Process of Outsourcing to Medical Billing Companies in California

One question we’re often asked is something like: “OK, this sounds good, but why does it make sense to outsource to medical billing companies in California?” We understand it can all seem a bit confusing initially. After all, your medical billing is something very unique and sensitive. At Human Medical, we’ve developed a process over the years that allows us to take care of your medical billing simply. That way, you get the money you deserve for the work you do, and you get it on time. 

Collection and Keying

Those are the first steps, more or less, of our medical billing services. First, your patient demographic and charge data is  collected from your office every day. You’ll note we said “every day,” not “often” or “a lot.” We said “every day” and we mean every day. Then, our staff gets to work. They key in all patient demographics and charges through our EMR/billing interface. They do so without error, all so you don’t have to worry about it. If your office decides to enter this information, we review the information for any possible errors or missed modifiers and make the corrections before sending claims. 

medical billing companies in California

Cleanup and Review 

One of the main reasons that people hire us is so that they don’t have to worry about getting their medical billing right. With so much coding and so many opportunities for error, errors can be costly to your practice. That’s why we employ the best medical claims processing software in the industry. It finds any potential errors and fixes them before your claims  go anywhere. We also review insurance payments.. Once that happens, they’re line-item posted into our comprehensive system and the pt balances are adjusted, and new balances prepared. In addition to being posted, payments are compared to fee schedules to assure your practice you are receiving the right compensation.. This doesn’t happen over the course of days, it happens instantaneously, so that payments are processed  correctly. 

Notification and Follow Up 

From there, patients are billed their balances. Hopefully, the patient responds and pays what they should. If they don’t, then we get right to work, beginning a call sequence, sending a letter, whatever it takes. However, we want to give them as many opportunities as possible to pay what they owe. That’s why we give them a toll-free number to call us, too, with any questions or concerns they might have. We’ve found that this open line of communication with patients is one more service that we can provide to our clients, freeing up your  time and focus for your patient’s care and your business. 

Keeping Clients Informed

As one of the most professional medical billing companies in California, we always want to keep our clients in the loop as much as possible. So, we send Aging Reports to you as well, after they’ve been processed carefully . Should your patient’s’ claims become past due, we have a Reimbursement Specialists on staff. They follow-up on the claims, doing what is necessary. Not only do we keep our clients apprised of all of this on a consistent basis, your reports are available online 24/7. To set up an initial consultation to start the process, call Human Medical Billing at (877) 669-1070. 

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