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The Importance of Empathy While Providing Medical Treatment

The sense of having only a limited amount of time to ‘waste’ on patients as well as impatience, irritation, and lack of communication are mannerisms of a doctor that convey a negative message to patients. They feel anxious in the first place and the stiff-upper-lip approach from an uncaring medical professional can raise their blood pressure in the first place. Empathy is a pleasant, caring emotional experience between the doctor and patient, building calm and trust. 

Providing Medical Treatment

Help with time-consuming billing and coding

It could be that doctors don’t have time to ensure patients have a pleasant, soothing consultation. Sometimes they are too busy with managing billing issues. Medical billing secures payment from patients’ insurance companies, involving the conversion of medical codes into specific terminology. Every busy doctor needs to outsource their complicated medical billing. Our medical billing company, Human Medical, focuses on billing and accounts receivable management for private medical practices. With skills in medical coding, managed care contract negotiation and coding audits, our experience, and billing services come with a host of worthwhile features. 


Empathy builds a therapeutic relationship

 Understanding based on empathy is important with health professionals. A relationship based on empathy is beneficial to the physician. It has been found that medical experts with higher levels of empathy experience less depression and burnout. Empathy is particularly important with social care professions. Empathy is an important skill that social care professionals use to develop a therapeutic relationship. Medical professionals can’t, therefore, have their time divided with admin, and a medical billing service in Los Angeles ensures less human error, allowing a doctor to concentrate more on the patient.  


Better care 

 In the past, there have been negative views of empathy in the medical profession. There has been criticism of cold, detached doctors. The benefits of empathy are gaining more attention, and it has come to light that those physicians who can empathize with their patients provide better care. It is thought that the physician can better understand the patient’s experiences, and therefore understands what treatment is required. A kind presence encourages a patient to open up and talk about why they are there. The doctor can then make a proper diagnosis.


Empathy – make it your choice

 Empathy isn’t only beneficial for the patient. The doctor benefits too. Those doctors who go to the trouble of showing empathy for their patients feel more fulfilled – are less likely to feel depressed from trying to act like a robot. They connect with their patients, and even while their patients are telling them what their problem is, the doctor is searching for other clues. The hands and fingernails reveal a lot about the condition of the body. A doctor can decide to be a robot or decide to be empathetic, but being empathetic is a cost-effective and efficient way to make both patient and doctor feel better. 



Human Medical Billing adjusts its services to the needs of all our clients. Call us on (888) 675 6895 and ensure that trained specialists with advanced software and expertise save your medical practice a lot of time and effort. The right frame of mind from both patient and doctor is important for a well-run medical practice and staff can concentrate more on patient welfare than on complicated medical coding and billing. 


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